The Multiplier Methodâ„¢

How to build your own personal monster income stream that grows and grows and grows virtually hands free.

If you'd like to earn extra cash in the next 30 days... starting from scratch... then listen up.

What I'm going to show you here is exactly what you've needed to see to finally make a killing online.

And if you're the type of person who has bought lots of information products and software applications... and then never got the full benefit from it, then this was written especially for you.

The Multiplier Methodâ„¢ is a workhorse strategy I use whenever I need a quick influx of money without having to dip into my savings.

This is the most direct route cash.

  • No SEO
  • No Spamming
  • No PLR Garbage
  • No blogs... or content... or articles
  • No Adsense
  • No Extensive Product Launches,
  • No JV partners,
  • And no list needed.

You can literally start from scratch and start earning money almost immediately.

Some of the info covered in this book:

  • The Multiplier Methodâ„¢ Step-by-Step.
  • How I sell as many as 75 e-books a day... (Before a big roll out)
  • Market Discovery - where to start looking. The last known SECRET stash of unlimited ideas, exact markets... including customer profiles. (Hint: It's NOT, it's not wordtracker, it's not Google or Yahoo, it's not, it's not eBay.)

  • How I zero in on markets of people who are foaming at the mouth for a solution, and how to give them exactly what they want. I will show you in minute detail what absolutely MUST be there before you even consider a market. Exact numbers. (You'll be wasting your time, fighting tooth and nail to make 3 or 4 sales per day if you get this wrong. Get this RIGHT, and it's like selling pot at a Jimmy Hendrix convention.)

  • How to pinpoint those hot buttons that turn normal, sometimes skeptical people into raving maniacs who won't be able to sleep until they respond to your offers... and how to press those hot buttons over and over and over and compound their desire for your stuff. (You can get conversion rates of 5% to 7% with the worst sales copy ever... as long as you know which hot buttons to press.)

  • How I routinely engineer windfalls of cash in my business.

  • How I'm able to get thousands of unique qualified (targeted) visitors per day to my websites without any complicated SEO tactics. You will see how it's possible to completely overlook all the finicky keyword research, writing content, getting backlinks, spamming, etc... and still get hoards of targeted, qualified traffic.

  • How I setup testing and tracking systems to increase my sales by as much as 16x (1600%) over the course of a few months. That's the equivalent of turning a simple website that earns $500 a month, into a simple website that earns $16,000 per month.

You'll be amazed at what a few small tweaks can do. I'll even show one or two of my prized conversion tactics you can test right away on your existing websites that will give you an immediate boost. These are unique - I guarantee you've never seen these anywhere before and you'll laugh when you see how silly, but effective they are.

  • Don't have a product to sell? Found an affiliate offer that converts like crazy? Use this system to create or acquire a product and become a vendor yourself... then recruit your own affiliate force and setup a nice 4 or 5 figure per month income stream for yourself.
  • How to deal with instant refunders. If you've put effort into setting up your business, then you should take these easy steps to prevent theft of your intellectual property.

    This is a VERY important chapter and I reveal all the details - no holds barred. A must read for everyone who's ever promoted products as an affiliate (and then not got the credit because the customer asked for a refund as soon as they downloaded the product - extra frustrating because you may think it's out of your control as an affiliate... it's not!). And even more important for vendors who find themselves dealing with excessive refunds from *certain* parts of the world.

    You're not alone... and I've got the solution. You don't have worry to about this again.

  • How you can get started without spending money on speculation or extensive keyword research. I will show you an example of how I paid off more than $65,000 worth of college debt (credit cards, Direct Student Loans) in three weeks... after reading and responding to a post on an online forum!
  • Why name-squeeze pages and most of the other list building tactics you may have used up to now could be losing you money -- and the one thing you can do TODAY to increase the amount of opt-ins you get. And more importantly, how to get these people to read and respond to your emails!
  • Related to the above... how to revive dead lists, and how to pull cash out of cold "freebie-seeker" lists.



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